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Brands Become the Publishers: Media Pros Take to Commerce

Business of Fashion recently wrote a post about how commercial content is changing editorially. The publishing business model is changing and the line between advertorial and editorial is becoming further blurred.

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While it’s a head-scratcher for the publishing industry, from a content marketer’s perspective, the move is a natural shift in the changing dynamics of the online space.

Brands must become their own content producers in order to engage with their audiences — and increasingly they’re doing it with the same editorial voice one would read in a printed
fashion magazine.

As print media becomes obsolete, media professionals — writers, photographers, art directors — take their talents to commercial sites. And as the line between commerce and editorial continue to blend, it is the brands that benefit.

The method of attracting audiences in this matter is reversed from typical editorial content: prospective buyers come to the site initially to shop, discover the content and spend time browsing. If the content is authentic and compelling, they will revisit the site because of the content. That will also open the doors for further sales.

The main concern for using editorial content to advertise is to be sure the work reflects the opinion of the writer, not the brand. The brand will have a voice by association.

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