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We Made You a ‘Game of Thrones’-Style Map of the Marketing World

According to Scott Brinker’s latest marketing technology landscape, there are over 5,000 martech vendors. That’s a lot of vendors. There are so many that you’ll have to click on the landscape just to read the different categories:

chief martec landscape

Brinker has done an amazing job identifying and categorizing all the vendors in a space that’s expanding so rapidly. But despite the growth, there is stability at the top. Brinker found that less than 7 percent of the 5,000 vendors qualify as enterprises (which he defines as companies that have either gone public or have more than 1,000 employees).

At Contently, we decided to put together a different kind of content marketing landscape—one that looks at the royal houses of martech, if you will. Yes, Game of Thrones is back this summer, and we’re already turning everything into a Starks-versus-Lannisters metaphor.

Click on the graphic below to enlarge the map. And let us on know on Twitter @Contently if you’ve ever come across anything nerdier than a Game of Thrones-inspired marketing technology map.

game of thrones content marketing map

Image by Jonathan Petersen

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