Uber’s Hiring an Editor to Develop Owned Content Under David Plouffe

In 2015, the maxim of “everyone’s a publisher” is quickly being replaced with “everyone’s a media company,” as a number of brands go all-in on content marketing by building robust editorial and creative teams. First it was Marriott. Then it was Starbucks. Now it’s a slew of others, including Casper, Dollar Shave Club, and Uber, which recently posted a job listing on its website for editorial director, as reported by the International Business Times.

It turns out that editorial director will report to David Plouffe, the mastermind behind President Obama’s social-savvy 2008 presidential campaign. According to the job description, it’s a substantial position that includes building and managing a team of content specialists; developing editorial standards and guidelines for Uber; and creating digital, video, and print branded content.

“We’re proud of the service we provide to consumers, the opportunity that affords drivers, the impact on cities and the exciting and revolutionary way we go about doing it all,” the listing reads. “That’s a story we love telling—and we’re looking for an experienced, creative, and dynamic content strategist to join our team and lead the development of owned content to tell the Uber story.”

Uber’s emphasis on owned media is very telling. The company doesn’t want to just produce branded content; it wants to build an editorial property with a loyal audience.

If you’ve been following Uber, you’ve likely seen this move coming. In March, it launched Momentum, a print magazine meant for its 150,00 drivers. And as we reported last month, Uber is part of a larger trend in Silicon Valley of prominent startups hacking growth through content marketing.

As for the ideal candidate, Uber is looking for someone with 8–10 years of “advertising, editorial or content strategy experience,” which would probably make whoever gets the job the oldest employee at the company. But with an unlimited vacation policy and a seemingly generous budget, there’s a good chance Uber will keep this editor feeling young.

Image by Vladimiroquai

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