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Content Cookout: This Is What You Missed if You Didn’t Make It to Our House at SXSW

Most people think South by Southwest Interactive is just a giant excuse for marketers and tech geeks to get tipsy and chow down on barbecue on their company’s dime. And while that’s true—very true—there are also some really smart discussions mixed in there if you’re lucky.

At SXSW this year, that’s the formula we tried to deliver: great food; tasty booze; and really smart, intimate discussions about the biggest challenges marketers face today, from legal approvals to data-driven publishing to the secrets of B2B marketing. Over 100 of the brightest minds in the industry joined us at our 5,600-square-foot Contently house for a packed day emceed by Contently co-founder Shane Snow and moderated by Content Marketing Institute’s Peter Loibl and me.

If you have three minutes, catch up on all the festivities with the video above, and for a deeper dive, check out two great articles that came out of those panel discussions: “7 Lessons From Blackrock and Guardian Life on Hurdling Content Compliance Issues” and “How Hubspot and LinkedIn Absolutely Crush Their Content Marketing.”

Pray for us as we fight through our barbecue and breakfast taco withdrawal. And a special thanks to Alex Penrose, a Contently videographer that did an amazing job filming the festivities, and Lonesome Heroes, who rocked out all day and provided the soundtrack for the project.

Image by Alex Penrose

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