Content Catchup: Crafting a Cross-Platform Brand Voice, The Mighty Ducks, and More Must-Reads

Here’s what you missed while contemplating whether to spring for that post-SXSW hangover IV…

How to Craft a Brand Voice That Carries Across Platforms, Formats, and the Space-Time Continuum

Nailing your brand voice is an essential building block of any content marketing campaign, but it’s one that brands really struggle to do right. In the second part of her brand voice series, content strategist Melissa Lafksy Wall explains how to create a brand voice that carries across media channels, resonating with each audience in exactly the right way. Read it.

The Mighty Ducks: The Story Behind the NHL Team That Doubled as an All-Time Great Marketing Stunt

In an epic longform piece, Dillon Baker looks back at the insane marketing stunt that was the Anaheim Mighty Ducks:

The story of the Mighty Ducks is one of radical experimentation, an unparalleled business move that combined the movie industry, brand marketing, and professional sports. The Mighty Ducks are the only team in the history of major North American professional sports leagues to be named after a brand. In this case, it was Disney’s successful hockey movie franchise The Mighty Ducks.

Looking back, it’s difficult to fully grasp just how bizarre the creation of The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim was. Read it.

10 Content Marketing Takeaways From SXSW

Unless your boss owed you a favor, there’s a good chance you missed out on SXSW Interactive last weekend. Have no fear: We were there and put together a handy listicle of takeaways. Read it.

On the Money: How 5 Finance Brands Built Loyal Audiences by Investing in High-Quality Content

In our latest e-book, we dive into the case studies of five brands that built massive audiences for their content—in large part by eschewing marketing altogether. Read it.

Why Content Marketers Are Overcoming Their Fears and Learning to Love the Pop-Up

Pop-ups are making a comeback, and surprisingly, it’s a good thing. (We’re not trolling you, I swear.) Jay Acunzo on reports why pop-ups have reemerged as a powerful weapon for marketers that are dishing out high-quality content and building an owned audience. Read it.

That’s all for this week. Now go forth and frolic in the springtime.


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