This Is What ‘Brand Storytelling’ With Football Stars Used to Look Like

Today, brands are getting more and more creative with the ways they tell stories using athletes, from Nike’s breathtaking animated short film for the World Cup, “The Last Game,” to Lenovo’s fantasy football mockumentary and DirecTV’s annual Manning Brother rap videos. But back in the day it was… a lot different.

World Wide Interweb put together this awesome compilation video of commercials starring NFL stars from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. It’s part hilarious (Walter Peyton’s KFC music video! Joe Namath in pantyhose!) and part retrospectively terrifying (two OJ Simpsons shilling for fried chicken; Jerry Jones sneering like a Die Hard villain).

But more than anything, it’s a great way to spend five minutes during the first friday of the NFL season.

Football Friday bonus: NFL players reading mean tweets about themselves.

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