The Shift to Native Advertising in One Awesome Infographic

Native advertising can be many things—the butt of John Oliver’s jokes, the AdBlock antidoteUpworthy’s secret weapon—but it’s also a weapon marketers need to have in their arsenal if they want to stay relevant across mobile and social platforms.

Now MDG Advertising has summed up its importance to content marketers in one massive, glossy infographic. According to the graphic, 70 percent of Internet users want to learn about new products through content as opposed to through traditional advertisements. Why? Because content marketing is a more assertive way for brands to engage with audiences and deliver tailor-made content to their audience. The infographic highlights why brands are motivated to use native advertising, how marketers can take advantage of native strategies on major social networks, how publishers can measure the success of their efforts, and projections about the future of native.

The Shift To Native Advertising in Marketing


Image by Tuncay

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