Content Marketing Catchup: Medium, L’Oréal Lead the Revolution, and More Must-Read Stories

Here’s what you missed while watching the sunset and wondering whether a margarita counts as one drink or three…

Medium’s Engaging Plan for Branded Content: Sell Time, Not Pageviews

This past month, Medium jumped into the sponsored content game in a big way when they launched a design magazine with BMW called Re:form. Gabe Rosenberg sat down with Medium to learn about their plans to turn sponsored content into big business and maybe even change the way native ads are bought and sold. Read it.
<h2style=”color: #393939;”>How L’Oréal Is Changing the Face of Beauty Marketing

If there’s a branded content revolution going on, L’Oréal might just be on the front lines with its (very tasteful) war paint on. Ella Riley-Adams writes: Beauty brands are commonplace in the first sixty pages of Vogue and in TV ads featuring an impossibly swishy-haired model. For L’Oréal, this mass-market approach has been de rigeur since 1925, when the company started targeting consumer awareness. But the game has changed recently. With the topic of beauty Googled over 4 billion times a year, and consumers increasingly relying on social media influencers and mobile apps to make purchase decisions, L’Oréal recognized the potential for informative content that does more than parade or push a product. Over the past five years, the cosmetics giant has decided to meet their consumer with targeted and interactive content in lieu of one-way, aspirational messaging. Read it.

15 Sexy, Easy-to-Use Multimedia Tools to Up Your Visual Content Game

Just trust me: This list will change your life. (Or at least your week.) Your GIF game will be so strong. And that’s just the beginning. Read it.

This Is How You Write a Content Strategy That Works

If you’re finding that crafting effective content strategy is harder than it seems, you’re right. Melissa Lafsky Wall is here with everything you need to know: Everywhere you look, people are talking about content strategy. These two words—both buzzy in their own right—have joined forces to form one juggernaut buzz-phrase that’s sweeping the Internet. But despite all the discussion and hype, we’re still swimming in a bog of ambiguity and confusion over what “content strategy” actually means. Read it.

State of Healthcare Content Marketing: A Prescription for Success

Looking for answers to health questions is the third most popular activity of Internet users; yet the healthcare industry remains woefully behind when it comes to content marketing. Finally, though, a few pioneers are starting to break the mold, as detailed in Contently’s new e-book. Read it.

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