Content Catchup: Brands Battle For Top Journalists, and More Stories You Might Have Missed

Has anyone else noticed how Social Media Week has quickly become Content Week? Like the Napoleon of marketing buzzwords, content is consuming every other discipline: social, inbound, and – heck – even programmatic. All the more reason for you to be up on the latest trends with The Content Strategist. (Also because it’s my job to attract more readers, and you guys want me to excel at my job, right? Right?!)

Top Journalists Are Flocking to Brands. Here’s Why.

Wired‘s Evan Hansen. Newsweek’s Dan Lyons and Melissa Lafsky Wall. PandoDaily’s Hamish McKenzie. USA Today’s Michelle Kessler. The list of big-name journalists jumping ship to brands just keeps growing. The Strategist‘s Natalie Burg takes a deep dive into the driving forces behind the trend.

Why Brands Need to Pay Attention to Upworthy’s Battle With Facebook

If Mark Zuckerberg is a landlord, then Upworthy, one of his most popular publishing tenants, just got kicked to the curb. But like any feisty New Yorker, they’re fighting back. Understanding the driving forces behind Facebook’s recent algorithm changes is crucial for any content strategist.

9 Startup Habits That Will Make You a Better Content Strategist

Contently co-founder Shane Snow reveals the 9 startup habits that will make you twice as successful, not to mention employable. You don’t want to miss this one. Trust me.

Zady’s #OWM Campaign Gives Brand Storytelling True Meaning

Like an expert craftsperson, Zady, the 8-month-old site that sells “clothes with a conscience,” has storytelling woven into everything it does—literally every item on the site includes the in-depth story behind it.

This week, Zady launched the Objects With Meaning (#omw) campaign, which encourages the Zady community to share the “few pieces so intertwined with our personal narratives that they are truly cherished,” via Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or Pinterest, using the #OWM hashtag. The campaign is becoming a case study in how to spark user-generated content that forges emotional connections.

Content is Transforming CPG Marketing. Here’s How.

CPG marketers find themselves at a crossroads, cognizant that they must adopt non-traditional methods to reach modern consumers who increasingly ignore coupon books and TV ads. Deciding what type of content to create, though, is a difficult task. Faced with a dizzying array of options, successful CPG brand publishers have tried a little bit of everything to figure out what works best.

A select few have broken through and achieved wild success.

Contently arms brands with the tools and talent to become great content creators. Learn more.

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