Social Media’s Content Distribution Arms Race

Three summers ago, I traveled oversees with an agency to create a “social documentary” (whatever that means) about a group of young entrepreneurs from five different countries launching a political movement. Our client was a major comms company. I chronicled the journey on a blog, and we had a top-notch documentary team create chapters of the film in real-time.

The content was pretty awesome; unfortunately, we forgot about distribution, and the whole thing flopped. Lesson learned.

A lot of brands have faced a similar situation. They’ve created awesome content, but they haven’t figured out how to distribute it to the right audience. Heading into 2014, getting distribution in check is at the top of their list of resolutions, and over the past few months, social media platforms have been in an arms race to give them powerful solutions via native, content-rich ads that appear in users’ feeds.

We’ve been on this beat and wanted to gather all of those stories in one place. Check out the Content Strategist’s distribution arms race roundup:

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