Content Catchup: 7 Sexy Stories You Might’ve Missed, Like Yacht-Hopping With T-Pain

It’s Friday, which means only a few more hours of pretending to do work before you head out to Happy Hour with your colleagues and celebrate another work week in the books by drinking seven pints of pumpkin beer because it’s just so darn festive.

If you were here with us all week on Content Strategist, CHEERS TO YOU. But if you weren’t, here are five stories that will give you something to talk about at Happy Hour (besides the chilly weather and how silly it is that stores are playing Christmas music already).

1) Yacht-Hopping With The Global Elite: ASW’s “The Globalist” Takes You On A Ride Even T-Pain Would Envy

Exclusive social network ASMALLWORLD may seem like a secret, illuminati-style cult that left its CAPS-lock on, but it actually makes itself quite accessible through its digital magazine, The Globalist. With articles like “The Dos and Don’ts of Yacht-Hopping,” which dishes tips like “DON’T climb up to the top deck and yell, ‘I’m on a boat, muthafucka!’ You are not T-Pain,” The Globalist is aspirational marketing at its best.

2) “Stories Sell Products”: Mashable’s Lauren Drell On The New Normal In Advertising

Does branded content work? Does it actually, you know, sell products? Heck yes! says Mashable’s Lauren Drell, armed like Rambo with badass stats.

3) Print Is The New Black

“The Internet is great and all, but there’s something special about curling up on the couch with a magazine, or thumbing through a glossy publication at the salon,” writes our Natalie Burg. Brands, upon getting their hair did, seem to be catching on.

4) The Short, Happy Life of Samsung’s DigitAll Magazine

What do you get when you create gorgeous content but it isn’t part of a larger business strategy backed up by company leadership? A lot of confusion and a cautionary tale for brand publishers.

5) How L’Oreal Canada Changed The Game And Became The Bravo TV Of The North

By creating a hit web series, “Mountie Makeover!”

Just kidding, it was called “Canada’s Best Beauty Talent,” but I’m totally going to pitch that mountie show to them.

6) Chartbuilder Will Make You Feel Like A Graphics God (But Won’t Make You Jump Off A Roof Into A Swimming Pool)

Want to learn how to create visually stunning charts easily and for free? Click away! I promise we won’t ask for your email and try to make you sign up for some awful webinar.

7) Starbucks Turns A BOGO Promotion Into A Political Movement, Nation To Elect Venti Skim Chai Latte

The love story of a coffee company, a government shutdown, and the content marketing campaign that would save them both. Starring Ryan Gosling. (DISCLAIMER: Story may not actually contain Ryan Gosling.)

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