In-house Insights: Contently’s CEO on the Industry’s Evolution [VIDEO]

In April, a cadre of 200 publishers and advertising specialists gathered in New York’s Bowery Hotel for Contently’s Social Content Summit, which featured insights from nine professionals who have emboldened their brands through unique content and social media.

Contently co-founder Shane Snow sat down with each panelist to discuss the future of content marketing and social media. This is the last of a nine-video series sharing some of the day’s learnings.

What’s next for content marketing? Our own Joe Coleman, CEO of Contently, has been answering this question for the last three years as he’s built Contently from the ground up.

“Soon,” says Coleman, “brands are going to have to start answering for the money they are spending on content.” Brands need to be measuring the effectiveness of the content that they create, which means that ROI and metrics are going to take center stage in the coming conversation around content marketing.

This could mean more soft metrics around engagement, views and shares. Or it could be direct response and number of sales driven. Success metrics are different from brand to brand, but they are becoming one of the most important pieces of any content strategy.

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