Why Everything Is Data [VIDEO]

The Economist published this video infographic in 2011 to illuminate the growth, value, and direction of quantitative information.

Two years is a long time for a video to stick around and remain relevant, especially one proclaiming the rapidly changing nature of information. But this one has staying power. It’s no secret that the world is overflowing with data. In 2005, approximately 130 exabytes of data was created. The projection for 2012 was 2,720 exabytes, and in 2015, that number is expected to be 7,910. The video looks ahead to what data will be able to tell us by 2015.

As you’re processing the scope and ramifications of this information, there’s one core question that’s likely bogging you down — what the heck is an exabyte? The truth is, if you try to wrap your mind around that sheer magnitude of information, you’ll probably drive yourself nuts.

Focus on the story instead.

Here’s a video that does precisely that by forcing three multimedia worlds to collide harmoniously. Numbers, graphics, and video have joined forces as a powerful teaching tool to share an important story.

The fact is that numbers are abstract — they’re tough for human eyes and minds to explain, decipher, and ultimately embrace. That’s where visuals and audio overlays come in.

Why This Teaching Tool Rocks

It’s as simplistic and straightforward as it is engaging. It moves at just the right pace, with  a core focus on comprehension. The Economist relies on subliminal cues like verbal inflections and aesthetically pleasing transition elements to keep viewers interested.

The moral of the story?

Audience psychology is complex. Even if you’re not beating viewers over the head with information, they’re still learning, engaging, and perceiving. Even the most subtle elements can carry significant weight.

Room for Improvement

One word — emotion. ‘Interesting’ and ‘intelligent’ are engaging for only so long before users trail off. How does the video’s producer feel about data? Beyond what viewers should think, what should they care about.

A common stereotype of data is that it’s dry, difficult to grasp, and out-of-reach from the human experience. The truth is quite the opposite.

Data is just as much about love as it is about logic. It’s just as much about business as it is about family. Data is what you make of it. Live it. Breathe it. Don’t be afraid to get passionate.

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