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Social Interaction Lacking, Planning Brand Editorial Calendars

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Customers Want Social Media Interaction

These days, customers want interaction with brands on social media sites. But they’re not getting it.

In a study of 11,723 tweets from Costco, Walgreens, Kroger, and Safeway, only three percent of customers were “directed using an ‘@Mention‘ which means 97% of social media conversations regarding brands are not directed at the brand,” according to Business2Community.

In addition, only 49 percent of companies are responding to and tracking social media mentions.

Brands and Editorial Calendars

Mashable reports on whether or not brands should have editorial calendars. On social media, brands are commenting on current events left and right. Oreo got cred for its Super Bowl tweet, while Oscar Mayer was providing tweets on the Oscars.

Ian Schafer, the CEO of DeepFocus, a digital marketing firm said, “It’s algorithmic — the more you interact with [timely] content, the more you’ll share in the Newsfeed.”

Even if brands have nothing to do with an event, they are still looking for ways to create content around and capitalize on it.

Goodbye Daily Variety Print, Hello Digital Subscribers

Variety will be shutting down its daily print version and taking down its digital paywall, Paid Content reports.

The tabloid’s last daily print edition will be March 1, and it will change into a weekly publication. The wall, an annal subscription to which cost $250, will come down as well. Jay Penske, who owns Variety, said the paywall was “an error.”

Are Writing Niches Necessary?

According to About Freelance Writing, it’s not always necessary to have a niche to become a freelance writer.

What matters most is that writers just keep writing: “If you look at how niches develop for writers, they wrote or are writing first. It almost doesn’t matter what they write about – there’s an audience I think for any idea possible. The key is first, last and always writing.”

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