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Ford’s Fiesta Movement, YouTube NASCAR ruling, Graph Search Basics

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Ford Relaunched Fiesta Movement Campaign Online

ClickZ’s Melanie White covers Social Media Week and the relaunch of Ford’s “Fiesta Movement” campaign.

Scott Monty, global head of social media for the company, said that companies and brands must create personal relationships, which are important for combatting the impersonality in today’s digital world. He also unveiled the relaunch of “Fiesta Movement,” an earlier brand campaign. The company tapped key online influencers and let them drive brand new Fiestas for six months while recording their experiences with the car.

YouTube’s NASCAR Crash Video Ruling

According to Paid Content, on Saturday, a NASCAR fan uploaded a video of a serious crash at one of the driving events to YouTube.

Within minutes of it being posted, NASCAR put in a copyright claim to YouTube, which was then overruled by the site. A statement released by the site claimed, “Our partners and users do not have the right to take down videos from YouTube unless they contain content which is copyright infringing, which is why we have reinstated the videos.”

Prepping Content for Graph Search

Content Marketing Institute’s Camella Mendez writes about how marketers can prepare their content for Facebook’s Graph Search.

They have to create engaging content since Facebook has stated that “content with higher engagement levels will not only show up in the social arm of GraphSearch (ahead of Bing results), but also in users’ news feeds more often.” They should put out keyword-rich status updates, SEO style, since that is going to help in Graph Search.

Writing Authority on Google+

Demian Farnworth of CopyBlogger reports on how writers can build influence and authority using Google+.

They need to put out solid biographies, follow people they know and then people they want to know, and create original content for the site. They should also create content for their Circles instead of sharing everything with everyone. Writers can join one of the many communities on the site and facilitate Hangouts with others.

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