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Honda’s Innovator Series, LinkedIn’s Elites, Netflix’s Children Series

The Strategist picks the day’s most relevant and interesting stories about the world of content from around the web. Here’s what you should be reading today:

Honda Launches Innovator Series Online

ClickZ reports that Honda has introduced the #HondaInnovator Series, a social media program for the 2013 Civic that showcases innovations and inventors.

The full-scale campaign includes Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. The company is holding six one-hour tweet chats where “users will be able to submit questions to inventors featured in the Civic TV spot, like baby product company 4moms co-founder Henry Thorne, Waterfall Swing inventors Ian Charnas and Drew Ratcliff and 2013 Civic Senior Product Planner Jay Guzowski.”

LinkedIn’s Elites Get a “Congrats”

According to Mashable, users who were in the top one, five, and 10 percent of the most-viewed LinkedIn profiles of 2012 received notification from the network.

Many brought up the fact that even the one percenters were a huge group of two million members and the top 10 percent was made up of 20 million people. A LinkedIn spokesperson said, “The practical upside to being the top 1% or 5% is that we believe the more engaged you are on LinkedIn, the better you will be in the job that you currently have, and the better connected when you are seeking a new job.”

Netflix’s Children Series Coming Soon

According to the New York Times, Netflix is teaming up with DreamWorks Animation to put out an original cartoon show.

The program will be based on DreamWorks’ upcoming movie, “Turbo,” about a snail who has the special super power of speed. It is expected to debut in December.

New York Times’ Paywall Change

According to Paid Content, the New York Times has put an end to a paywall leak that allows users to “circumvent its paywall by chopping off the end of a story’s website address.”

Readers will still be able to view stories through social media, and the paper claims it has no plans to cut that off at this time.

Turning to Gaga for Marketing Lessons

According to Anne-Sophie Reinhardt of CopyBlogger, all marketers should be looking to Lady Gaga for inspiration. 

She says that like Gaga, marketers should be creating drama and tension in their campaigns, and that they should have a greater message and a “why” for what they do. Marketers have to create deep connections with their fan base and get to know them personally as well.

Making a Freelance Writing Career Sustainable

Future Expats Forum covers the topic of making a living freelance writing.

Writers have to evaluate their skills, passions, and desires, and figure out what they need to do to strengthen their skills, whether it means taking a class or researching through online programs. They can create an initial prospect list (of 20-50 contacts) then reach out and follow up with them. A bonus tip? Write every day.

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