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Super Bowl Brand Winners, Super Bowl Memes, Value of Scripted Ad Series

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Taco Bell and Chrysler’s Superior Super Bowl Ads

According to a poll by the Wall Street Journal and advertising executives, Chrysler’s and Taco Bell’s ads were the biggest hits among viewers during the Super Bowl.

Chrysler’s ad featured Oprah Winfrey doing a voiceover for the troops, while Taco Bell’s showcased dancing senior citizens. Companies paid a whopping $3.8 million for a 30-second spot during the game.

Many brands chose to distribute their ads online and through social media before the game, which some ad executives said caused this year’s crop to be mediocre overall.

Super Bowl Memes

Super Bowl memes were up faster than the lights went out at the Superdome this year.

Check out all of them on Mashable, which highlight upon the “Harbowl,” the power outage, Beyonce’s performance, and players stretching. Of course, Grumpy Cat and Gangnam Style are there.

The Value of Scripted Ads

Tessa Wegert of ClickZ writes about ad series and how they attract audiences. 

Clorox’s “The Green Housewives” references pop culture and “serve to underscore the core values of the brand, and the potential for sustainability is strong.” She highlights PayPal’s video ads with Jeff Goldblum, and points out how repeating ads are effective. However, the consumers get tired of seeing the same ad over and over.

Brands must figure out a way to communicate their message, spark familiarity with consumers, and create ads that vary in the series.

Amazon to Stream “Downton Abbey”

Everybody’s favorite English drama will now be available on Amazon, according to Paid Content.

While the show is on Netflix on Hulu Plus right now, the streaming services will be losing those deals this year. A spokesperson for Amazon said that “Downton Abbey” is “the most popular TV series with Prime Instant Video customers, ever.”

Washington Post’s New Post

The New York Times reports that WaPo will be moving out of its Washington, D.C. home to cut down on costs.

It has not been decided yet where the paper will be relocating to, or when. The historic building, which was featured in “All the President’s Men,” will probably be torn down and rebuilt, says Andrew J. Asbill, director of the capital markets group  at Cushman & Wakefield.

Making Money Freelancing in 2013

According to Lisa Mason, there are many ways that freelance writers can make money this year. 

She says they need to let go of doubts and stop being afraid of rejection. Writers have to go out (in real life) and network, which includes handing a business card to everybody.

They can join a writer’s community, and should learn to master LinkedIn. She says, “When you build a solid, professional profile for yourself, people will also reach out to you and they’ll be ready to treat you a lot better than someone on some bottom-feeding job board.”

Apps for Freelancers

DesignBeep covers apps that are out there for freelancers to use that will make their lives easier.

There’s Dropbox, which gives users 4 GB of data for free and “allows you to synchronize all of your files on all of your devices with a straightforward drag-and-drop system.”

Mint can help freelancers manage their finances and organize spending habits into simple categories, while Evernote “allows you to store text, video or audio notes from your mobile phone or computer, and then synchronizes them in the cloud for fast retrieval and easy edits anywhere, and anytime.”

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