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Huff Post Conversations, Ads on Twitter’s Vine, Dodgers Sports Network

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Huffington Post’s Conversations for Comments

HuffPo is starting Conversations, a tool that “surfaces discrete discussions within the comment stream and then lets readers read those discussions on a separate webpage,” according to Paid Content.

This will make it easier for users to figure out where and what they can comment on within any given thread. Right now it’s only in the “World” and “Gay Voices” sections of the site, but will spread across all the pages in the near future.

Ads Appearing on Vine

According to Mashable, brands are now putting ads on Vines via Twitter. 

GE, Red Vines, and Wheat Thins are running promoted ads with Vine videos inside of them. GE posted an animation of its logo being drawn, while Red Vines filmed all of its products for a short video.

The Dodgers’ Sports Network

The Los Angeles Dodgers will be starting a sports network in southern California. 

It will be called SportsNet LA and supported by Time Warner Cable. The network is going to show every Dodgers game, along with behind-the-scenes programming, according to the New York Times.

Why Branded Content Is Crucial

According to Steam Feed, there are a few reasons why branded content is important to a business.

It helps a brand have a consistent voice and represents it well, so brands need to find out what their voices are and stick to them. Content makes customers feel something for a business if it’s emotional, and is gives businesses a unique personality.

“Treat it as a labor of love, and pursue value and meaning, it’s art. And no one can steal it. Because it’s purely about you and your business.”

The Art of Writing Copy

Demian Farnworth of CopyBlogger highlights what goes into writing good copy. 

There is plain copy, which introduced the product without any gimmicks, and storytelling copy, which has an opening, conflict, dialogue, and solution. Long copy gives the salesperson the opportunity to convert the reader with information, and superlative copy makes outrageous claims that have to be backed up, so it should be rarely used.

Steps of Freelance Success

The Renegade Writer’s Karen Cioffi writes about positive thinking and freelance writing. Writers need to figure out their true motivation and purpose, whether it means that writing is a hobby or a lifetime career.

A vision for success should be put into visuals and words and a realistic marketing and writing plan needs to be in place. A timeline is necessary, and is walking the walk, not just talking the talk. Always stop negativity and repeat positive affirmations in times of doubt.

Freelance Writing Laws

Make a Living Writing reports that there are three natural laws when it comes to freelance writing. 

Writers need to build upon their portfolios because it’s impossible to make the leap from $10 articles to $500 articles. Writers should let go of their lowest paying clients if they can because it will attract better ones.

The way that writers treat clients will always come back to them, so it’s important to be “courteous, prompt, and helpful to clients.”

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