How to Think Beyond Blogs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Half of all B2C and B2B content marketers have a tough time producing enough content for their needs, according to an infographic by Red Rocket Media,

Instead of posting another blog entry, the company suggests looking at and gathering information from LinkedIn discussions, telling the day in the life stories of employees, and live tweeting from industry events.

Content marketers should also survey their customers and use the findings in an educational blog post. The infographic states, “This is perfect evergreen content  plus, it shows you care about your customers’ needs and that you have a grip on where your industry is at.”

How-to videos, along with sketches that show the history of a business’ industry, may be a good fit for company content. Company data can be shared via an infographic, or marketers can hold Twitter debates that use hashtags relevant to the brand.

culture of innovation and idea sharing among employees will help content marketing efforts, According to Reputation Capital, a marketing agency based in Baton Rouge. Companies need to train their staff on exactly what content marketing is, and employees should be allowed to “talk about their interests and give their own opinions. This will add an element of satisfaction to the task, encourage creativity and may even create new business opportunities.”


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