Red Stripe Stunt Gets Deli Jumping [VIDEO]

It seems like stunts are the new black in marketing. Red Stripe has created a video ad in London that features products in a deli that jump and make music when a customer grabs the beer from the cooler.

AdWeek’s Tim Nudd writes, “It’s really the perfect expression of the Red Stripe brand  fun, musical, handmade, a bit rough around the edges.” Along with the ad, a behind-the-scenes video on how the company made the spot was produced.

The beer brand isn’t the only one that has created a stunt for a recent ad campaign. In October, Coke Zero, to promote its beverages as well as “Skyfall,” made a video of unsuspecting vending machine customers participating in a James Bond-esque challenge. While Red Stripe’s ad hasn’t exactly gone viral yet (the video has about 11,000 hits in two days, while Coke Zero has nine million total), both ads were made in the same vain.

An ad stunt this past summer, pulled off by condom company Durex in Poland, showed passengers on an airplane and their reactions to a condom safety video, as opposed to the regular on-flight instruction video. That video went viral, receiving more than 1.3 million views.

Whether it’s stunts, or pranks, marketers know that when done convincingly well, these videos can be major hits. These videos are watchable, funny, and do what good advertising/branded entertainment is supposed to: Intrigue the viewer.

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