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Brands that are Masters of Social Media Content Publishing

Business Insider’s Christina Austin analyzes the companies successfully producing content on social media.

There’s General Electric, which has over 900 likes on Facebook and has produced videos and infographics about the “Tropicana ‘Juice Train’ for those interested in how juice gets from the orchard to their glass.”

Sears has over 2.1 million Facebook likes, more than 31,000 Twitter followers, and created FitStudio, a website focused on fitness. Amazon has over 378,000 Twitter followers and has its own online publishing sector.

Common Content Marketing Mistakes

Tom Treanor highlights some common mistakes that businesses make with content marketing.

Some are inconsistent with content creation, do too much self-promotion and selling, and forgetting to include calls to action.

Content needs to include real life news as well: “Real world items such as events, seasonal changes, special customers, daily specials, the local weather, promotions, VIP sightings, new customer visits, new products, partners, and production runs can be fodder for blog or social media content.”

Ups and Downs of Freelancing

Susannah Breslin of Forbes weighs the pros and cons of freelancing. Freelancers feel more independent, get to spend more time with family and loved ones, and get to multitask, if they want.

The biggest complaint is the money, which isn’t guaranteed.

Gigi Griffis of Content for Do-Gooders said, “One month I’ll be incredibly busy and the next month things will be slow. One month I’ll make $8,000 and the next month I may bring in $300. It takes some getting used to, particularly that first year.”

Counterculture Music Magazine Arthur Coming Back

The New York Times reports that Arthur, a defunct free music magazine that was printed from 2002-2008, is now returning at $5 an issue.

The circulation will now be 10,000 instead of 40,000 and is going to come out on Dec. 22. In a time when magazines are struggling to stay in print (especially music ones, such as SPIN) this seems like a brave move.

News Corp Investing in YES Network

News Corp is going to be acquiring a stake in YES, the network that broadcasts Nets and Yankees games, according to the New York Times.

YES Is worth about $3 billion, and is based in New York.

Benefits of eBooks

Content Marketing Institute’s Nicolas Gremion discusses why eBooks are beneficial to content strategies.

EBooks are subtle marketing tools and provide valuable information to the people that read them. If they contain links, businesses can track and analyze who is downloading it, and they are affordable to create.

Ben & Jerry’s Featuring Instagram Photos in Ads

Mashable reports that Ben & Jerry’s is placing fans’ Instagram photos in its local ads. Fans are being asked to tag #captureeuphoria on their photos, and 20 will be picked until January.

The winners’ pictures will be placed in bus stations, print ads, and billboards around their hometowns.

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