Katy Perry-Nicki Minaj Lessons, CNN Films, Facebook ‘Want-able’ Photos

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Learning Content Strategy from the Top Divas: Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry

NewsCred takes a look at the content strategies of two of the music biz’s biggest acts, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry, and offers some insights on how to run effective content marketing campaigns.

For example, while Perry has a bigger following on Facebook, Minaj directs more people to her website and receives three times more engagement.

Blogger Felicia’s commentary on these strategies can be useful to any brand: “Social media pages give brands the power to control how their fans interact with them, and linking internally rather than externally can make all the difference. Hosting licensed content on a branded page is the best of both worlds – consumers get the information they want from sources they trust, but they do it on the brand’s terms.”

CNN Producing its Own Documentaries

As reported by the New York Times, CNN has created CNN Films, which will focus on “broadcast premieres of documentaries in prime time.”

There will be round-table discussions and behind-the-scenes footage accompanying the broadcasts, which will be online as well. So far, the first film that the news network plans to air is “Girl Rising,” which is about educating girls in Cambodia and Egypt.

Brands Can Now Post “Want-able” Pictures on Facebook

In a move obviously inspired by Pinterest, Facebook is letting brands post collections of products that consumers can “like,” “collect,” and “want” from their news feeds.

So far, according to Mashable, “Facebook is working with Victoria’s Secret, Pottery Barn, Michael Kors, Wayfair, Neiman Marcus, Fab.com and Smith Optics on the effort, which it calls ‘Collections.'”

Users will only see photos that their friends have already “liked.”

B2B Content Marketers, Listen Up

Need a comprehensive plan for B2B content marketing? Look no further: Ben Plomion of CMO.com has written a guide that all professionals can easily follow.

The four steps to success include figuring out what your company has to say, crafting a voice for your brand, putting together a branded blog, and figuring out who the target audience is.

In an age where trade publications are collapsing, the potential for B2B content marketing growing.

Google Now Providing Tag Management

First Google offered analytics, and now it’s letting website owners manage their own tags.

ClickZ’s Andrew Edwards writes, “It is likely to provide a tool for managing Google Analytics tags in the small-to-medium-sized market, while giving the field of tag management the higher profile it deserves.”

He says that this tool, which is most likely not going to be free, will only benefit digital marketers.

CopyBlogger’s E-Book on Content Marketing

CopyBloger has released an ebook dedicated to content marketing, and, thankfully, it’s free and no opt-in is required.

The ebook, titled “The Business Case for Agile Content Marketing,” is 22 pages long and covers “the integrated process of content + social + search that leads to content marketing success.”

For content marketers (or aspiring ones) looking to learn about the industry, check out the book quickly, since it’s only free and easily accessible for the next week.

Tips on Making Content More Readible

Readibility of content is a key part of any content marketing campaign. Content Marketing Institute’s Roger C. Parker makes some suggestions on how content marketers can achieve this.

Some of his tips include using uppercase type rarely, since it takes longer to read, avoiding text wraps, and “build[ing] white space into each page by using a multi-column format.”

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