Arrested Development Crowdsourcing Walk-On Roles for Fans [VIDEO]

Arrested Development, the cult comedy that aired on Fox but was canceled after three seasons, is returning to Netflix in the spring of 2013.

To celebrate this, the show, along with its new network, are hosting the “You’re Gonna Get Some Walk-Ons” competition, in which six fans will win the coveted prize of an Arrested walk-on role.

To enter, all anyone has to do is create content. According to LaughSpin, the roles “will be given to fans who create (and distribute via social media) a piece of original artwork inspired by Arrested Development — photos, videos (less than two minutes!), drawings, paintings, sculptures are all fair game.”

The official rules state that the best entries will be creative and relevant to the show. In addition, “All entrants are encouraged to post their works of art to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr, using the hashtag #BluthWalkOn.”

With this contest, the show’s team is basically getting fans to do the marketing for them, which Laughspin aims to make viral. Crowdsourcing contests like this are common these days as more companies are looking for ways to create their own content.

Along with strengthening the relationship with the show’s fans and fostering engagement, a crowdsourcing campaign has the potential to generate “personable, shareable content, which is capable of driving significant online word of mouth,” says Wil Merritt of Zooppa.

Many top brands are now doing creative crowdsourcing, says Merritt, including Buick and Siemens. Just last month, VW started its own campaign, asking customers to submit their own fan videos.

The Arrested contest offers an excellent incentive, which is key to a good campaign, writes Mashable’s Todd Wasserman.

The contest can be found here. Good luck, Hermano.


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