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Google’s Big Appetite for Startups, SI’s Tweet Week, Fox TV Bets on Social

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Why Google’s Broad Net Works

The Verge’s David Lawlee looks at what makes Google so good at buying up startups and integrating them in to the company.

“Last year alone it bought up 25 companies, one every two weeks,” he writes. “If you count the firms acquired for patents and intellectual property, the total number is a whopping 79. Taking a look at Google’s peers, it becomes clear just how astonishing these numbers are. Facebook bought just ten companies in 2011; Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft only three apiece.”

Sports Illustrated Launches Tweet Week

With the Twitter 100 list as a centerpiece, is devoting the entire week to sports reporting on Twitter, Mashable reports.

It’s really sort of a cross pollination, if you will,” Managing Editor Matt Bean said. “Tweet Week is the first of many salvos you can expect from SI in the social space.”

How Fox Fall TV Does Social

According to Mashable, X-Factor is a record-breaker with 1.4 million comments between Facebook and Twitter.

The article also mentions that the network’s The New Girl has an online “Douchebag Jar” fans can fill with likes to unlock content. Fox is counting on second screen interactions to keep user engaged with content.

Creative Arts Emmys Winners
Wieden + Kennedy wins its fourth straight Emmy, or as Ad Week put it, “Wieden + Kennedy is the Bryan Cranston of ad agencies — when it comes to Emmy Awards, no one else seems to come close.” 

The site has a rundown of all Wieden + Kennedy’s winning ads since 2008.

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