How Content is Written, Shared, Captured on Video, and Photographed [Infographic]

Content basically resides in four realms online: It is produced through social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr; posted in the form of video on YouTube; sent out on visual platforms such as Instagram and Flickr; and created on blogs and websites.

This infographic by CopyPress shows these four aspects of online content creation.

In the social space, there are more than 800 million users on Facebook, 225 million on Twitter, and 39 million on Tumblr. YouTube, which resides in the video space online, receives over 800 million unique visitors per months. Seventy-two hours of video are uploaded every minute, and in 2011, the site saw one trillion views. It dominates over Vimeo, which has 65 million unique monthly visits.

Images are highly important to the users on Facebook as proven by the infographic. Three thousand photos are uploaded per second to the site. On Instagram, 60 photos are uploaded per second, and 52 per second are put on Flickr.

In terms of copy content, there are a whopping 7.38 billion pages on the internet. One hundred and twenty three million Americans are reading newspapers online, and on any given day, there are 500,000 new blog posts popping up on WordPress.

With these numbers, it’s apparent that content marketers are facing a lot of competition to capture a user’s attention.

On YouTube, it can be done by creating a brand page that is worth visiting and stands out. Facebook pages must also generate content that is shareable, and, of course, include visuals. Websites should contain interesting content be easy to view on mobile devices, and blogs should always include visuals (preferably from the popular sites such as Instagram or Flickr).

Jon Gelberg of Inc. says marketers need to have confidence and figure out what they have to do to reel in their target audience.

“If you can’t convince yourself why customers or clients should be coming to you instead of your competitors, then how are you going to convince your target audience?” he says. “However you feel about it, there is little or no place for humility on the Web. In a world where your potential customers are looking for the very best and all of your competitors are just a click away, you’ve got to make yourself heard.”

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