AMC Enlists Viewers in Fight to Return to Dish Network [VIDEO]

Over a month has passed since AMC was dropped by Dish Network, but the channel is still aiming to get its content running on the cable provider.

The latest attempt is a crowd-sourcing contest, in which the company is asking fans to produce their own complaint videos about Dish for the chance at a big prize.

The winner of the “Hey Dish, Where’s My AMC?” contest will receive $4,000 cash, “a Canon camera and a meeting to discuss his or her work with AMC’s senior VP of production,” writes AdAge’s Jeanine Poggi. “The top video will also appear across AMC’s social-media feeds.”

Poggi points out that this is not the first set of video content AMC has used to target Dish. Last week, zombies roamed the streets of New York as a way to protest Dish and promote AMC show “Walking Dead.” The video has gone viral, garnering 5.8 million views as of Aug. 9.

AMC is involving customers by asking them to stand behind their favorite programming. Even if the stunt doesn’t work, the channel will receive content for future anti-Dish campaigns. Simultaneously, it’s empowering its viewers and turning them into advocates for the brand with its crowd-sourcing efforts.

Marketsmith predicts that the AMC contest will have a huge response because viewers have strong connections to their favorite television shows, and the incentive of $4,000 is generous.

“Consumers like to feel as though their thoughts are being taken into account, and what better way than an open invitation to send an impassioned video?” the site says.

The contest will create “a sense of camaraderie among Dish subscribers who are all in the same situation- what may have begun as a minor inconvenience will be perceived as a massive event that effects millions of people.”

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