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Twitter’s 500 Million, Guess’ Email Attachment, Be an Instagram Star

The Content Strategist picks the day’s most relevant and interesting stories about the world of content from around the web. Here’s what you should be reading today, in case you missed it:

Twitter Hits 500 Million

The Washington Post has a breakdown of Twitter’s 500 million users by country with Brazil coming in second to the US in usage.

But the birthplace of the tweet isn’t showing a whole lot of love.

“San Francisco, the birthplace of the tweet, now accounts for only 0.2 percent of all geo-locatable tweets,” The Washington Post Reports.

How Guess Uses Email to Connect

Forbes’ Steve Olenski spoke to Guess’ CIO, Michael Relich, about why the company still uses email as their preferred way to connect with users.

“For Relich, when it comes to email, it all comes to deliver-ability and how email ties in perfectly with their member rewards,” Olenksi said.

The Secret to Becoming An Instagram Celebrity

@koci’s has over $140,000 followers on Instagram thanks to his black and white photographs.

He shares some of his secrets to capturing these amazing images with Wired, including some evasive techniques.

Google Buys Up Wildfire

Goggle is buying Wildfire Interactive for a neat $250 million, reports.

According to the website, Google’s product manager stated the purchase of the social agency is “about offering social services to businesses.”

How to Market to Women reports on a survey conducted by Women’s Marketing Inc. which found that women, especially blogger moms, primarily use social to stay in touch with family and friends.

“This data demonstrates that women are primarily on social media to forge meaningful connections with their personal circles, but a similar set is also willing to interact with brands,” Mashable’s Stephanie Buck said.

The Weather Channel Hits Campaign Trail

The Weather Channel’s new app, in partnership with mobile marketing company Jumpstart, will give advertisers access to the company’s 40 million mobile users.

This means politicians can “can target their ads down to the city block,” AdWeek said.

Get a Politician in Your Pocket

Mitt Romney will be announcing his vice presidential nominee via his brand-new campaign app “Mitt’s vp.” Users can also sync to Facbook, Twitter and make donations via the app. 

Hot on his heels the Obama campaign also released an app “to provide essential facts and election information to supporters, including state-specific voting laws and requirements to get the Obama faithful out in droves on Election Day,” AdWeek reports.

What Do Churches Tweet?

While social use is still gaining momentum in religious communities, about half of churches polled by Buzzplant say they blog or update social media at least once a week. See this handy infographic on Mashable.

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