Jetset Farryn Weiner on Building a Personal Brand [INTERVIEW]

Farryn Weiner knows a thing or two about building a brand. She is a self-proclaimed “adventure capitalist” who has traveled the world two times over and thrives on sharing her experiences with others.

On Twitter, she has over 6,600 followers, and on Facebook, 3,200 fans. Her website, Jetset Farryn, receives 10,000 unique visitors per week.

After leaving, a private community travel site, Weiner became director of social media in the fashion industry.

The Content Strategist recently caught up with the entrepreneur and talked about her latest work, her thoughts about the future of content and social media, and how she made a name for herself.

TCS: How do you incorporate your travel background into your work?

Weiner: I think my travel experience has given me a much wider sense of the world and a much more open minded way of thinking about content, technology, and the way I communicate with people.

I understand the different cultures. I wanted not just a global perspective [for my clients], but a local perspective. How I speak to audiences in New York is very different compared to how I speak to our audience in Tokyo.

I want to give equal [attention] to everyone who is interested. I have perspective and understanding of the way people live their lives and how they want to shop.

TCS: How long have you been working in social media?

Weiner: About four years now. I was at NYU and got an assignment from a teacher to go on Facebook my freshman year.

Once I got over the ability to stalk guys I was crushing on or look at what my ex-boyfriend was posting, I thought it was so interesting how people were expressing themselves on the site.

In social, you can’t be afraid of yourself or the truth of who you are.

I make the choice to be out there, to express myself through all these platforms and I stand by that.

When you have that confidence or that honesty in what you do, you’re bound to be successful.

TCS: Any advice for people trying to build their own brand? 

Weiner: First and foremost be yourself. Audiences in general are extremely smart. Think about the message that you want to send and become an expert in it. A lot of what I do is educate myself and my team.

I really don’t believe in the word “social media expert.” I think we’re all learning how to create interesting conversations with people around the world. If you’re humble in that sense, you have so much to gain.

Image by Flickr

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