Toshiba and Intel Collaborating on Second Social Video Series [VIDEO]

Last summer, Toshiba and Intel released a series of promotional videos together called “The Inside Experience,” in which the plot was driven by user participation on social media.

The brands are teaming up again and next month will release a new social video series, “The Beauty Inside,” which will have stars along with unknown actors chosen at open casting calls.

Along with the fact that anyone can audition, “The Beauty Inside” is a social series because fans will be able to interact with its main character, Alex, on social media sites, according to Creativity.

The voice of Alex is narrated by Topher Grace, however, the character’s face will keep changing. This allows the company to vet many actors for the role (starting today on Facebook) and give the campaign a transparent edge.

Last year, with “The Inside Experience,” Intel and Toshiba’s fans were given the opportunity to help the lead character, Christina, get out of a conundrum. In the introductory video, it appeared that “Christina,” played by Emmy Rossum, had been kidnapped, and fans could pour over clues she posted on Facebook to figure out how to locate her. The campaign, before it was even launched, received 1.75 million views on its trailer.

“The Beauty Inside” is taking social participation to a new level by giving anyone the chance to be casted.

“This global, social film is proof that the right technology can blend two major forms of entertainment and give a global audience the opportunity to be engaged and have a chance to play a role in a blockbuster-style Hollywood movie,” said Johan Jervoe, vice president partner Marketing at Intel, in a statement.

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