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Year’s Best Media Plans, Infographic Basics, Social Media Age Wars

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Top Media Plans of the Year 

Which company had the most effective creative blueprint this year? picks their Media Plan of the Year, according to the site’s editorial team.

Winners include “plans that moved the needle for clients like Chrysler, Samsung and Dunkin’ Donuts.”

How to Build an Infographic

Infographics and journalism are forever intertwined.’s CEO Stew Langille spoke to about the right and wrong way to build an infographic.

“An infographic starts with a great data set,” he said. “Even if you’re not a journalist — but an advertiser or independent contractor, say — you need to represent the data ethically in order to preserve your credibility with your audience. Don’t source from blogs. Don’t source from Wikipedia. Don’t misrepresent your data with images.”

Social Media and the Age-Old Question

Now that the tweeting oldies out there have had the weekend to stew over NexGen Journals’ article Why Every Social Media Manager Should be Under 25, they’ve put their arthritic fingers to keyboard and come back with a few reactions.

Many take issue with the age limit, but some, in their archaic wisdom, agree, says

Not Yet Making Social Media House Calls

Don’t look for your family doctor on Facebook right now, she isn’t there. reports that while pharmaceutical companies are trying to sell influence physicians through digital advertising and online interaction, their audience is seeing patients, writing prescriptions, but generally, not on social media.

Run, Jump, and Watch What You Tweet

Social media has grown leaps and bounds in the last four years as evidenced by the The International Olympic Committee’s guide to blogging and social standards.

Already, a few Australian swimmers have already been banned from social media.

“Social-media experts say these bans likely won’t be an isolated incident, given the inherent difficulties in policing thousands of athletes, many of them amateur, from 204 countries over the course of 17 days,” reports.

Lucky Magazine Launches User-Generated Content Board on Pinterest

Lucky magazine is jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon and launching a user-generated vertical.

“The vertical, dubbed “Community,” will pull from a pool of bloggers who have applied to have their content featured on” has the full story.  

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