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She Writes Press Starts Book Publishing Network

She Writes, a website that produces stories geared towards women, has announced that it is launching a book network that will be a mix of do-it-yourself and traditional publishing.

To get started, authors pay the website $25 to submit a book proposal, according to PaidContent.Org’s Laura Hazard Owen. If accepted, a submission goes through an extensive vetting process by the site’s editors.

Brooke Warner, who will oversee the network, told Owen that a book will be judged upon “character development, pacing, sequencing, description, ability to draw in the reader, takeaways, structure, narrative voice and story arc.”

If a book makes it to the final round, the author pays $3,900 to the site, which gets her “interior design, cover design, ebook production, proofreading, distribution via Ingram and some marketing,” says Owen. In addition, options will be provided to be published digitally and in print, where extra fees apply. [See the company’s infographic below]

With the rise digital and self-publishing, anyone can be a content creator. Penguin, which is known for its traditional publishing division, even started a self-publishing site, charging users between $99 and $549.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the number of self-published book titles tripled from 2006 to 2010.

One author, Amanda Hocking, has sold over one million copies of her self-published books and signed with traditional publisher St. Martin’s Press.

She Writes founder Kamy Wicoff told Owen, “It’s for writers searching for a model that actually makes sense in a radically changed publishing landscape.”

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