Expedia’s New Campaign Features Travelers’ True-Life Experiences [VIDEO]

A new campaign by Expedia is emphasizing the experiences of travelers by using user-generated photos, videos, and stories.

The campaign, “Find Yours,” was introduced with a television spot “stitched together entirely from user-generated content, featuring video footage from people’s travels,” according to AdWeek.

The content “will endeavor to explain how seeing the world has transformed the travelers as people.”

Along with the first spot, Expedia is asking users to share their stories and content via Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. The company is also producing a mini-documentary series showcasing travelers’ tales, as well as sponsoring a short-film contest.

Integrating user-generated content into marketing campaigns is wise for companies because it’s easier for customers to relate to, says Christine Dunn of Content Marketing Institute. But, it can’t be a free for all.

“There’s a perspective-driven UGC [user-generated content] approach and an open-forum approach,” said Ian Chee, a strategic planning director at interactive agency AKQA. “With a perspective-driven approach, you’re asking consumers to participate in your brand dialog from your perspective. I find that useful. Giving people a tight brief and asking them to articulate it in their own voice is a very positive way of approaching the problem.”

Expedia is asking for specific content, and shaping the way the conversation is going. Its bigger message is not about promoting the brand, but promoting the idea of travel. This focus, on the experience rather than the product, is what contributes to the success of brand content campaigns.

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