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Tumblr Steps Up Placed Content Offerings with Pinned Posts

As publishers and marketers work to find a way to use content to lead to sales, one of the most popular platforms for shareable content, Tumblr, has been working to provide options for brands to get their content noticed.

This past May Tumblr offered three services for placing content in a more prominent way on the site: SpotlightRadarHighlighted Posts. Now it has added  Pinned Posts.

Pinned Posts allow a user to “pin” a Tumblr post on top of the newsfeed for 24 hours. This is similar to Facebook’s pinned posts, which can stay on top of a page’s wall for up to a week.

$5 for a day at the top

The newest ad product, Pinned Posts, is a “step up” from Highlighted Posts, Derek Gottfrid, Tumblr’s VP of product, tells Mashable. For $5, posts will hover at the top of followers’ dashboards for a day.

Followers can opt to un-pin those posts at any time.

Highlighted Posts let users draw attention to posts that appear in followers’ dashboards (newsfeeds) for $2.

Highlighted and Pinned Posts are both self-serve, meaning that any users can simply check a box beneath a post if they want to increase its exposure. Payments can be made by credit card or through PayPal.

Gottfrid stressed the need for Tumblr to deliver simple advertising that is integrated into its “three basic atomic units,” which are followers, blogs and posts.

Adding to the advertising mix

While Tumblr may keep finding new advertising options, it is also experimenting with big brands for larger campaigns, such as with Adidas to leverage their “Spotlight” product and applauding digital agency Coexist Digital for developing a commerce service within Tumblr. 

Since Tumblr has yet to have an analytics dashboard to track reporting, using these ad and marketing products on the Tumblr platform is an experiment for brands as well. Testing these products would be a great addition to any specific campaign.

It would also be wise for innovative content marketers to learn how to leverage paid media in content platforms like this before other advertisers do.

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