Why Women are Overtaking Men on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some social media sites will always seem to attract more users of one gender over the other, such as Pinterest (women) and Reddit (men), but what might be most surprising is that more women than men now use mainstream social networks Facebook and Twitter.

Chis Taylor’s article on Mashable this week with an infographic, titled “Women Win Facebook, Twitter, Zynga; Men Get LinkedIn, Reddit” led to a wide-ranging debate on why women are beginning to overtake men in social media.

Taylor prompted readers to leave comments why this may be, with women, such as Kay Wesley, saying, “Well the ‘why’ is fairly obvious isn’t it? It’s the word ‘social’. Just look at any group of people who don’t know each other behave. Who starts chatting first?”

Aamir Alvi, a man, retorted that the reason is that women have more free time, saying, “It would be far more better if someone had told about available time for both sexes!”

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