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Mobile Content Gains for B2B Buyers

B2B buyers are increasingly using mobile devices to conduct research about products and services for their companies.

As this shift occurs, marketers should make their companies’ sites more mobile friendly and cater to this growing audience.

recent survey by Endeca and Oracle concluded that “24.5 percent of respondents named the mobile web as an influential touchpoint,” according to Brafton.

Mobile is the third most influential method when B2B buyers decide to make purchases, just behind finding information on the company’s site and receiving direct sales offers.

Brafton says this change in the buying culture must be dealt with appropriately; Marketers should make their content “fully accessible for mobile browsers” and undertake SEO strategies that will “appeal to these users.”

When sending out product information or content to B2B buyers via email, ClickZ suggests using short subjects titles, reducing the size of emails, and including links to any mobile apps the company produces.

B2B marketers, like anybody using his or her smartphone, want to see visuals instead of text, writes Brad Shorr, the director of content strategy at Straight North.

“While a B2B’s videos and slide presentations may have languished on an intranet in years past, today they can be widely viewed – and shared – on mobile devices,” he writes.

The content being used by research for marketers should include images that visually show what a product is like. Images can be used to demonstrate how to use a product as well.

As the mobile trend continues, marketers should be aware about how their content will look on these devices and ensure that B2B buyers get the most out of the presentation.

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