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Yahoo Enters Enhanced Search War with Rivals

Yahoo introduced Axis on Thursday, marking the third major search engine to enhance its offering this month.

Axis allows users to view results without leaving their current page, and shows a preview of those pages. The tool was designed especially for people logging onto Yahoo through mobile devices.

At the beginning of May, Bing started incorporating social media results into its search engine, showing users their friends’ answers to questions. Just a few days later, Google announced the arrival of the Knowledge Graph, which tries to mimic human thought, connecting ideas to determine which results users actually want to see.

Axis is available for download on Apple’s iOS-powered smartphones, tablets, or as an Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome extension, according to ClickZ Marketing. Although the Chrome extension contained a bug, the company claims to have fixed it.

Director of product management at Yahoo Ethan Batraski writes, as quoted by ClickZ, “By supercharging the browser with a visually rich search experience and seamlessly connecting that experience across all of your devices, we are delivering an experience that will change the game.”

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