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Why Some Posts Become Two-Months-Later Successes

Blog posts can take on a life of their own. Sometimes, it’s a second life.

This becomes clear when Google Analytics or Chartbeat show a surge in site visitors long after a post was first published.

Is there a cycle of popularity for posts, the same way that fashions like flared jeans return after two decades?

Individual experiences can vary greatly, but having renewed popularity at the two-month mark is far enough from the publish date to warrant curiosity, but not so far in the future that most blog posts  would no longer be relevant.

Here are a few reasons why content might get a second wind:

1. Search

Incoming links will build over time, so a post that isn’t at the top of search results the first day it is published might continue to rise as time goes on. Suddenly, a solid post is the go-to reference on a topic once it makes page one of Google.

2. Seasonal

It’s obvious that a Christmas post could become popular again the following holiday season — but not everyone is on the same schedule. A post on wedding dress designs or purchasing birthday gifts for in-laws could see a spike of relevance at an unexpected time.

3. Pinterest

The great thing about Pinterest is that it’s more than a stream — it’s a collection, and designed in such a way that users can easily return to something that was pinned months ago. Their followers can, too, and might re-pin an image that links back to your post. If the right person pins it, virality may ensue.

4. StumbleUpon

Once a URL is entered in StumbleUpon’s system, it can continue to be served up to users based on topic, with no constraints regarding time or the freshness of the content.

5. Linkage

If others read your piece and like it, they may do nothing, at least not right away. But when the time comes to write a post a few months later and another blogger remembers that great point you made, they will likely link back — and if their audience is bigger than yours, the referral traffic can be significant.

One simple way to benefit from all these avenues is to produce memorable content. Think, is this substantive enough that it will be worthwhile to visit two months from now? And if it is, go ahead and redistribute your blog post on your own social media two months later, and perhaps create a second run that is truly your own.

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