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Eco-Conscious Publishers Gain by Touting Record

Companies benefit whenever they can show that they do no harm, and they benefit even more when they can show they do good.

When it comes to corporate blogs and client-facing business tools, sinking a message deep into readers’ minds should mean opening their eyes to the positive things a company is doing beyond shareholders’ investment accounts. Do good for the world, and the company engenders enthusiasm and loyalty.

The following six companies showcase eco-friendly moves and are great models — successful companies that are also succeeding at changing business for the betterment of everyone.


For a maker of outdoor clothing and gear, protecting the environment seems a natural, right? After all, a healthy planet provides Patagonia’s customers with a place to use their stuff.

The company publishes some their coolest environmental efforts in multimedia blogs such as The Footprint Chronicles, which traces its own supply chain as it relates to ecological impact. The company is also working on non-product related efforts such as the Our Common Waters project.


With its goal of hitting the carbon-neutral operations mark for travel practices and properties by 2015, and recent news that it would switch to water-free dying, the world’s perhaps most-recognizable maker of athletics-wear is not only watching out for what chemicals its puts out, but also what kind of resources it takes it.

The company’s overseas HQ runs on 100-percent renewable power. Check out their green-minded info at the Nike “Responsibility” page.  And here’s one of their several customer-facing blogs:



Its facilities are being built to use less power — 40-percent less at some its most recent data centers — and Yahoo publishes Green, its own environmentally focused blog.


Recycling the technological devices we use means working out ecologically sound systems as well. That’s the bread and butter of Round2’s business plan.

This green recycling company focuses on electronics, and it’s grown to be the biggest of its kind in the Midwest U.S. Their blog is a treasure trove of best practice pointers and news, but it’s also fun: check out their occasional installment of weird or cool old computer stuff they get into their facilities.

Bethesda Green

Here’s an organization that helps start new eco-conscious businesess. Bethesda Green has the backing of some big guns, such as Honest Tea and Capital One Bank.

The company incubates new green startups, providing business support and resources. Check out their blog on the greening of business models.


Coaching, brainstorming, testing, and financial resources: San Francisco’s Greenstart is putting new environmentally sound companies on the path to good business.

Its blog opens doorways for new startups, too, showcasing the ideas it helps to get off the ground.

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