Finding Great Content Within the Company

Every brand has content to share  but not all employees know what to share or how to get it out there.

Often, brand representatives find themselves unable to meet the demands of their content marketing campaigns. However, when marketers search smartly, they’ll find good content.

Many marketers are too quick to think that their stories have grown stale or dried up, but Business 2 Community‘s Joe Pulizzi says it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

“No company has a shortage of raw material for content marketing,” he writes. “What’s usually missing is that the content is not in storytelling form or that a process has not been created to extract the information in a way that works with the content marketing plan.”

To find that kind of information, Pulizzi suggests looking at the strengths of a company’s leaders and employees.

For example, if the CEO is better at talking than writing, he or she should do a video conference. If coworkers claim they can’t write, the company’s marketers should assure them that their content will be edited and polished before publication. Interviewing is also a proven strategy that helps create content. Above all, he says that employees need to feel comfortable with the format they’re working with to produce the stories.

It’s crucial to show employees that great content can happen anywhere. As an example, Pulizzi points to a company that told its employees to look for that story generating information in their customer service emails. Now, that company uses that content in its blog posts and on its website.

When looking for these stories, it’s always advisable to think about how each one might connect with customers. An inspiring story from inside the company or a milestone/celebration for the brand can make for solid content.

Every brand has a plethora of information to share — locating the best of it and telling it in the right way is the key.

Image courtesy of Paul Lowry/flickr

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