Prevent Email Unsubscribes With Great Content

If you’re like me, every so often you find yourself sifting through your email inbox and unsubscribing to newsletters. With a constant flow of email, we tend to be picky about what we keep, and our audience is no different. Luckily, there’s one company that discovered a trick for wooing less enthusiastic subscribers back into the fold.

Email continues to be a top channel for content marketing, with 19% of time online being spent on email. It’s only fair to give your audience control over their own inboxes, but that “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of every respectable newsletter is a necessary evil that can remove a person from your brand’s reach forever.

Groupon, king of the daily deal coupon (and hence, the daily email) uses content to engage its audience, even past the “unsubscribe” button. Let’s take a deeper a look at Groupon’s tactic, and steal a few tips.

Use the Element of Surprise

Most splash pages people visit after unsubscribing are boring because, well, those people obviously didn’t care very much about your brand, so why waste any more time on them, right? But Groupon knows how important email subscribers are and wants each of them to know that.

Groupon’s unsubscribe page first shows an employee named Derrick (who is apparently responsible for retaining subscribers) sitting in a drab office, alone, intently working at his computer. And you’re given one option: Punish Derrick. Who can resist? Check out the page for yourself here.

You’ll get to watch an unsuspecting Derrick get berated and then, when he thinks it is over, he gets hot coffee thrown in his face. But that’s not all — a message pops up asking you, “Will you make it up to Derrick, and resubscribe?”

Content can be a humble admission to your audience that you appreciate them. Such content, reserved for after the “unsubscribe” button, shows that subscribers aren’t just numbers to your brand, but they are people who matter.

Humor Appeals to Everyone

Groupon’s unsubscribe page is funny. If you checked it out, it probably made you smile. With so many people visiting LOLcats every day, it’s no mystery that people are looking for places on the Internet that brighten their moods.

If you can prove to your audience that you are a provider of smiles, along with all the other things you make or do, you can garner a second chance with your subscribers.

Empathy Can Be Persuasive

We can relate to Groupon’s “Derrick.” Every person has professional or personal goals and sometimes, fails to meet them — so if it’s in our power, we want to help Derrick. Plus, it’s so easy!

Tools like social media are popular because they offer a way to humanize your brand, to make personal connections with your audience. Your unsubscribe page can do the same. Letting your guard down is a great way to renew interest from people who are on the fence about you. Let them know you are authentic with engaging content that tells them why they matter!

Image courtesy of Flickr, incurable_hippie

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