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Content As a Means for Social Change

It is possible to create business models that place value above profit – and content can be key to this shift of focus, says Twitter founder Biz Stone.

“We can change the world, build a business, and have fun,” says Stone, who identified three elements with the potential to “totally transform the definition of capitalism as we know it today.”

These are: 1) a desire to change the world, 2) the ability to build a business and make money from it, and 3) having fun while doing it.

Stone, author, blogger, and Inc Magazine Entrepreneur of the Decade, calls these three keys the new success metrics for capitalism.

“Change is not a triumph of technology,” says Stone. “It’s a triumph of humanity.” Twitter enables people to communicate in real-time, which in turn enables individuals to become a crowd driven by a common purpose.

“When you think of creativity as a renewable resource,” says Stone, “every challenge becomes fun.”

In order to succeed spectacularly, “you must be willing to fail, be totally embarrassed. You have to go for it.”

It is important to get involved in causes early, says Stone: “The earlier you get involved, the more impact you’ll have over time.”

Image courtesy of Biz Stone

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