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Virgin Mobile Launches App Contest at SXSW

Virgin Mobile announced a new marketing program called “What the App!?” at SXSW. The program will feature apps from up-and-coming developers. Virgin Mobile will choose a monthly winner and provide the winner with a platform to get his or her app off the ground, according to ClickZ. This approach helps Virgin Mobile court Android developers while also providing new mobile applications to its customers.

The point of “What the App!?” is to reach a people under 34 who use social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, to read personal reviews of new products. Faris says the company wants to gain “social media credibility among a consumer set that leans on peer reviews.” The new program will rely on “developer community buzz.”

Virgin Mobile isn’t using a direct approach to get through to this consumer base, but rather pursuing them through what they trust: peer reviews. By honing in on what its core audience values, the company is able to figure out where to begin with its sales approach. Faris says that eventually people “will switch over from T-Mobile [and other wireless competitors].”

This isn’t the first time that the Virgin Corporation has found imaginative ways to connect with consumers. The company is always on the cutting edge of social media, whether it’s joining forces with Klout to provide free flights to Twitter influencers, hosting hashtag sales on Twitter, or offering location-based and groupbuying deals.”

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