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Buzzfeed’s Super-Shareable Content

While explaining to The New York Times how the click-crazy site BuzzFeed came into exist, founder Jonah Peretti asks reflectively, “How do you build a media company for a social world?”

You do it by creating what’s ideal. “No longer is it just about so-called sticky content that keeps readers around, or even clicky content that causes them to hit a link,” the article explains. “It’s also about serving up content that is spreadable.”

What’s particularly interesting about BuzzFeed’s approach is how they work with brands. Instead of advertising, the site works with brands “to create content ideal for sharing.”

With Pillsbury, for example, BuzzFeed released “10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With a Crescent Roll.”

Wonder how the results of these meme-generation partnerships work out for brands. One thing to know for sure, though, is that the resulting content is not boring.

Image courtesy of BuzzFeed

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