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Should You Keep a Content Library?

Have you considered creating a “content library?”

A content library is a guide to example posts and key resources for anyone producing on-site content. Such a guide keeps writers and editors on the same page.

Social Media Explorer posed this idea in their latest post, Getting The Most Out Of Great Content In Social Media, and we were intrigued. “Equipping team members with pre-made or pre-approved content is one major way to help make social activity more fluid and amplification of messages more common,” they argue.

Since we deal with a growing group of writers, we do our best to keep a timely and detailed style guide. But a content library like a more interactive, resource filled approach that might be worth working on.

Then again, a lot of our actual blog posts usually delve into answers to our own real-life questions – so maybe keeping this information internal is a waste.Do you have any methods for keeping your digital team up on useful content to?

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