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Awesome Content About Content, Week of 11/14

Hey Everyone!

If you follow our Twitter and/or Tumblr, you know that we like to keep you updated on what’s going on in the world of Content Creation outside of The Content Strategist. Here’s a wrap-up of  things we’ve noticed over the past week.

Publications With Big Twitter Followings Tweet Less. Should You Take A Card From Their Playbook?  – Did you know that in 2011, news organizations with rapidly growing Twitter followings actually sent less tweets than their competitors? We ask – how do we learn from this, and apply their strategies for our own use?

More Cool Ways to Explore Instagram for Your Brand – If you read our latest on the Content Strategist on How Brands Use Instagram, you’ll know how some companies use the photo-sharing app in incredibly creative ways. Here, we layed out some tools to improve your own use.

…But What About SEO? –  If you’re like us, its easy to get so focused on social media that we don’t read up on the latest buzz for the original internet marketer’s metric – SEO!

This Week’s Toolbox: Use Quora, Instagram, and YouTube To Maximize Content Marketing – Every week we scour the webosphere for some killer how to’s.

TNW: Ten Sites Who Totally Get The Principles of Experience Design – They ran a great list of how to really “get” UX design that is super useful for anyone putting content out on the web. Some tips include stay out of people’s way, make a good first impression, and give your users context!

Yay! Have a Great Week!

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