How To Grow Your Google + Following

The newest kid on the social media block, Google +,  is becoming the go-to option for many thought leaders in the tech and marketing worlds.

Early adopters on the Google + network can reap the benefits of reaching some of the most active readers and speaking in a forum with relatively little marketing noise.

As of today, Google + is open only to personal profiles. PC World reported in July that it plans to open up to business profiles, but the timing of this move is still at the rumor-mill stage.

In the meantime, individuals can use a profile to develop a personal brand. Here are five tips that will help you build your personal following:


1. Tell Your Friends

Friends, fans and followers form the core of Google +. Announce your new profile to all of your contacts. The Circles option in Google + will let you organize them according to from whom you want to hear different kinds of news.

2. Share and Share Alike

Admit it, you got on Google + because you want people to share your stuff. This happens fastest if you share the work of others. Share items from your followers — it’s only polite. However, new followers come from sharing content by people not already on your list. They may return the favor by sharing and following you.

3. Do Unto Others …

If somebody follows you, circle back. This simple, polite acknowledgment is the modern equivalent of returning fan mail. It takes just a few seconds, and gets that follower more engaged with you and your brand. She’ll be that much more likely to bring friends on board.

4. Integrate Your Content

Just as you share your content on Google +, talk about your Google + account in your other content. A relevant post in your blog and on other social networking accounts will reach people your initial announcement missed, and motivate latecomers to check you out.

5. Join the Conversation

Comment and “+1” on other people’s material early and often. As with sharing, this brings you to the attention of the authors, who may follow you. You can also “+1” specific comments, to directly engage in the back-and-forth.

You can find other extensive beginner guides here, or video tutorials here.


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