How To Measure ROI on Your Content Strategy

High quality content has become an exciting alternative to traditional marketing for a large number of businesses – most of them, in fact, according to data from the Custom Publishing Council. Sixty-eight percent of CMOs say they’re shifting dollars to content marketing.

Histograms help analyze metrics

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It’s because content works.

Content creates brand awareness. It creates advocates, subscribers, and purchasers and increases the volume of inbound leads for brands-turned-media-companies.

But measuring the effect of your content, and return on your time and/or monetary investment can be tricky, ambiguous even. In my guest post on Mashable this week, I walk through four steps to measuring your content ROI:

1. Understand What You’re Measuring

2. Rely on Aggregate Data if You Need Convincing to Get Started

3. Use Proxies to Measure Initial Success

4. Measure Both Primary And Secondary Conversion Indicators

The fifth point is not a step, but general advice:

5. Be Patient.

For the full rundown, check out my post on content ROI at

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