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6 Posts That’ll Supercharge Your Blog

Take a look at any place people are sharing links, and you’ll notice patterns begin to emerge. People love sharing great content, but how the content is framed can make a big difference in how well a particular post performs.

Next time your blog gets a little stagnant, give one of these six tried and true post types a shot:

1.) List Posts

I’m going to talk about a list post inside a list post, and there’s a good reason for that (apart from being super meta): list posts work. People on the web don’t read content, they scan it. Filling a post with gigantic paragraphs and no headings is a fatal error. List posts are eminently scannable. Make a list of tips, best ofs, or clever facts to take advantage of your audience’s ADD.

2.) Slideshows

What’s better than reading an article? Seeing an article. Slideshows are refreshingly different, and they look much harder to create than they actually are. Pull together a series of images around your topic, write some catchy captions, and package it all up with one of many Wordpess plug-ins, or use SlideShare for an easy hosted solution. Bonus: make your slideshow downloadable, and give your readers and extra way to spread your content.

3.) Reviews

If you’ve established trust with your readers, writing reviews that are relevant to them can be a great way to further that connection. The number one rule here, as in all of blogging, is to be genuine and transparent. Always review products you actually like, and disclose any connection you may have to the product in question.

4.) Tutorials

Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll come back when he forgets what he’s doing. One of the best ways to create lasting value on your blog is to provide in-depth tutorials that can stand the test of the time. There’s a lot of content on the web, and more being created every second, so by taking the time to produce a truly useful resource, you’re also creating a residual asset for your blog.

5.) Interviews

Anyone can sit down and pound out a blog post, but conducting an original interview will set you apart from the pack. Much of the content on the web is repackaged. Producing an original interview will not only create a nice evergreen resource for your blog, it’ll also give others fodder for conversation, which means more links and authority for you.

6.) Link Roundups

Keeping your audience up-to-date on important happenings has all sorts of positive karma attached to it. Everyone is busy and continually operating on information overload. Curating great links from around the web is a good way to establish yourself as an authority in your space. Think Techmeme and Mediagazer, but for your niche.

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