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Webinar: Exclusive Benchmarks From Contently and TrackMaven

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How do you stack up against your competition? What’s working in your industry? Thanks to sophisticated data collection, finding the answers to these questions is no longer guesswork. And make no mistake: this kind of data is critical to your marketing success.

As Scott Brinker—founder/editor of Chief Martec, program chair of the MarTech Conference, and owner of martech company ion interactive—said in a recent interview, “Few things in marketing are about achieving perfection. They’re largely about doing a better job than your competitors.”

Most marketing works in the margins. Sometimes, a single-digit conversion rate counts as success. A $20,000 content campaign can convert only two opportunities, but if those opportunities are big enough, the resulting ROI makes the campaign worth it. Someone might only spend five seconds with your content, but if two seconds was the goal, you’ve done well.

That’s why benchmarks are so important. Without them, you’re just firing shots into the darkness and hoping that finding a few targets is enough. CMOs won’t accept a 1.1 percent conversion rate—but they might if you can prove the industry average is .01 percent. Yet finding that data isn’t always easy. Luckily, Contently and TrackMaven are here to help.

In this webinar, Contently tech editor Dillon Baker and TrackMaven’s head of content marketing Kara Burney reveal exclusive, cutting-edge benchmarks from our industry-leading software. We’ll then use the data to dive into how marketers can thrive in the quickly evolving content marketing space.

You’ll learn: