The Content Strategist

Infographic: How to Design Branded Content for Mobile

What if there were an easy way to increase the click-through rate on your branded content by 146 percent? According to Polar, a native ad platform, there is. The company found that native ads on mobile devices with disclosure terms (like “Sponsored” or “Ad”) below the headline get a 146 percent higher CTR than those with disclosure terms above the headline.

And that’s just one of many simple tweaks marketers can make to improve their CTR, as outlined in the infographic below.

For instance, content that includes the brand name performs better than content that includes a logo. In fact, mobile CTRs can be up to 2.5 times higher for ads that use an advertiser’s name.

Shading makes a difference as well. Native ads with shaded backgrounds (such as behind the text or image) generate an average CTR of 0.29 percent, while ads without shading have a 0.17 percent CTR. Perhaps this is because shading stands out and grabs people’s attention.

With that logic, you’d think adding a border might help, but that’s not the case. Polar found that native ads with borders have a 0.17 percent CTR, compared to 0.19 percent for those without borders. Still, borders perform better on mobile than they do on desktop.

Speaking of desktop, why all this fuss about native ads on mobile? Well, they’re outperforming native ads on desktop—driving a 0.37 percent CTR compared to desktop’s 0.22 percent CTR.

For more tips on how branded content performs on mobile, check out the infographic below.